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Privacy Policy

The Company strictly conducts the privacy policy in importantly keeping personal data of the User, and the Company shall keep, record, store, retain, disclose, transfer or use the personal data of the User as set forth below.

Personal data protection is about reliability and trust of the User. The User’s privacy is important to the Company. The Company shall therefore use names or other information relevant to the User limitedly as specified in the privacy policy. The Company shall store data only as necessary for such operations and the Company shall only collect information relating to business transactions between the User and the Company.

The Company shall retain The User’s information for a period of time as permitted by laws or for a period of time for the purpose of data collection.

The User shall be able to access or visit the platform (as defined in the Terms of Service) and choose to view the product without providing any personal information while the User visits the platform and without identifying that the User visits the platform all the time unless the User already has the account and the User logs in the account via website or the Company’s applications by registering the account and password by the User

If the User has comments or suggestions, the User can contact the Company via the Company’s email at

Personal data collection

When the User registers the account on website or application under the name of Thisshop for all processes, the data which the Company shall keep as following:

• Name;

• Shipping address;

• E-mail;

• Contact number;

• Mobile phone number;

• Date of Birth;

• Gender;

• National identity card number;

• salary slip or bank statements with previous payroll data; and

• Other documents required by the Company.

The User shall send information to the Company, representative or submit to the platform only. The said information must be true and complete and does not cause any misunderstanding. The User shall update the information to be current and inform the Company about changes in information. The Company shall reserve the right to require additional documents to verify that the information provided is correct.

The Company shall collect the User’s personal data only when the Company grants the consent from the user. If the Company chooses not to send the personal data to the Company or choose to the consent to the use of the personal data, such withdrawal shall not affect the storage, using or disclosing the personal data whereof the User already provides the consent lawfully. The Company shall have the right to refuse providing the service to the User. The User therefore shall access and update the personal data provided to the Company as set forth below.

If the User sends the personal data of third party to the Company, the Company shall acknowledge that the Company grants the consent from the User or the third party allowing the User to disclose such personal data or providing to the Company. In case where there is any loss or damage in respect of this provision, the User shall be solely liable for damages to third party and the Company.

If the User applies for the account through website or application under Thisshop by registering social media, to connect Company account and social media account of the User or to use other social media of Company, the Company shall be able to access the personal data of the User registering social media with the consent of the User under the policy of the Company. The Company therefore shall keep and collect the personal data of the User registering pursuant to the privacy policy of Company herein.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

With the purpose of the Company’s benefits, the Company shall use the personal data provided by the User in whole or in part or disclose to the third party including the company collecting the personal data on server system of the juristic person which the Company hires to control and manage the personal data directly. The Company shall have the right to disclose the personal data as following:

• To operate or support the use of Services and/or use of the Platform;

• To process the order of the User sent via the platform of the Company sold by Company or the third-party sellers, your payment of the product through the platform whether sold by Company or the third party or the company’s partnership for paying via payment platform or installment platform;

• To deliver products purchased through the platform whether sold by Company or the third party or the company’s partnership which shall transfer personal data to the third party for delivering the products to the User whether it is delivering products to the deliver, distributor of Company, the third party or the company’s partnership;

• เพื่อแจ้งให้ผู้ใช้งานทราบเกี่ยวกับการจัดส่งสินค้า ที่ผู้ใช้งานสั่งซื้อบนแพลตฟอร์มของบริษัท ที่ขายผ่าน Thisshop หรือผู้ขายที่เป็นบุคคลภายนอก หรือบริษัทคู่ค้าก็ตาม

• To notify the User about products delivery sold via Company, the third party or the company’s partnership, whereon the User orders products on the platform of the Company;

• To compare data and check with the third party by confirming the accuracy of data to comply with the documents for registration;

• The Company shall use the data provided to manage the account of the User in order to monitor and manage the payment transaction in connection with payment or installment made by the User on internet or offline, inspecting downloading information to platform in order to develop plan, the layout and content of the windows of the platform and customize for the User, in order to identify the User for analysis of statistics and User behavior to send the information that Company thinks is useful to User or that User have requested from Company, including information about Company and third-party sellers’ products and services, unless User refuse the contact for that purpose.

• When the User registers the account with Company or submit User’s personal information through the platform, Company uses User’s personal information to send marketing news, activities, and promotions about Company and third-party sellers’ products and services from time to time. User can cancel receiving marketing or promotion information at any time by using the opt-out system of the information contained in the marketing information provided.

• In the event of an exception and Company is asked to disclose personal information. For example, if there is a reason to believe that if not disclose there may be a threat to life or body, laws, regulations, or any other allows Company to disclose without consent of information owner or User or for law enforcement purposes or compliance with laws, regulations, or any other requests from government agencies or a government official which is an authorized action.

Company may deliver User’s personal information to third parties or affiliates for the above purposes, especially for carrying out the transactions successfully, manage User’s account, manage User’s information or others under Company’s regulations regarding marketing, legal or regulations compliance, other requests that Company deems necessary. When sharing information with third parties or affiliates, Company will do our utmost to ensure that third parties and affiliates will maintain and protect User’s personal information from unauthorized access, storage, use, disclosure or other similar risks and will only collect User’s personal information for the period of time necessary for the business described above.

Company guarantees that Company will not operate business in the trading of User’s personal information or seek to benefits from User’s personal information to third parties or other juristic persons, regardless financial institution or other organizations.

Withdrawal of Consent

The User may refuse the purchase order or withdraw the use or disclosing the personal data of the User for the activities or for the purposes stated above, by informing the Company via e-mail specified below. Please note that withdrawal of the purchase order shall be sent before the products are delivered to the User or after the User receives the products, but would like to return products to the Company with the specified time. Otherwise, the Company shall reserve the right to ask for the full price of products displaying on the Company’s platform and the transportation, as the case may be.

The personal data updating of the User

The User can update or modify the personal data any time by logging into the User’s account on Company platform. The said process shall include the User who does not have an account, but providing the personal data to the Company. The User can update or modify the personal data via contacting the Company as specified below. The Company shall have the right to ask the User to submit the personal information documents to inspect whether the modified information is correct. The Company shall have the right to send such modified personal data to the third party which is the Company’s partnership or the affiliated companies.

Data persona data accessing

If the User wants to access the personal data collected by the Company or wants to know the use or disclosing personal data of the user within the past year, the User can contact the Company as specified below. The Company shall reserve the right to compute the fee from transferring such data to the User under the fee rate specified by the Company.

If the User has the account with Company, the User can view details out of the purchase order via logging in the account on platform. The User can view the personal data about the completed or pending purchase order, on paying products in cash or installment, or on delivery order which the Company shall have the right to manage the data about delivery address, banks or news that the User has applied for. The User agrees to manage the username, password and order details into confidentiality and shall not disclose to the unauthorized third party. The Company shall not be liable for the damages arising from using username, passwords and incorrect purchase order, the User’s incorrect using, and allowing the third party to use the User’s account and password. If the User has debt arising from the previous action, the User shall be liable for the performance to the Company in full in respect of the products price or debt causing the Company damaged out of the breach of this provision.

Security of User Personal Information

Company guarantees that all stored Information will be stored safely. Company protects User personal information by following measures:

• Restrict access to personal information;

• provide technological methods to prevent unauthorized access to computer systems;

• manage to delete User personal information for security purposes when such information is no longer needed for legal and business purposes.

Company uses 128-bit encryption technology, Security Sockets Layer (SSL), when processing financial details. 128-bit and SSL encryption technology is expected to take 1 trillion years to be hacked and is also an industry standard.

If User has a reason to believe that User’s personal information, account or password have been hacked or infringed, User shall contact us via the email listed below with related evidence.

User’s password is a key for User’s account. Please use different numbers, small letters, capital letters, or symbols and do not share Company password with others. If User shares User’s password with others, User will be responsible for any actions performed on User’s behalf or through User’s account and any consequences. If User is unable to control User’s password, User may not be able to control User’s personal information or other information sent to Company. User may have to accept any juristic acts done on User’s behalf. Therefore, if User’s password is revealed or is no longer confidential for any reason or User have a reason to believe that it is revealed or is no longer confidential, User should contact us and change User’s password immediately or change quarterly. Company reminds User to log out of User’s account (log off) and close the browser every time User uses a public computer.


Company does not sell products to minors or children. If User is under 20 years of age, User may use our website under parental supervision or consent only. Once conducting the transaction, User is considered to have complied with the said conditions.

Company or its authorized service providers may use cookies, web beacons or other similar programs to store data. To help Company provide better, faster, safer services and for User’s privacy when User uses the service and/or enter the platform.

When User visits Company’s platform or servers, Company will automatically recognize and save the information that User’s browser sends to Company when User enters the website. This information may include:

• IP address of User’s computer;

• User’s browser type;

• The website page User accessed before User enters the platform;

• The website page User visits on the platform;

• The amount of time User spends viewing the said website, products or information User searches on the platform, visiting time, date and other statistical data.

This information will be collected for analysis and evaluation to help Company develop the platform, the services and products that Company provides for the better.

Cookies program is a small text file data (Usually there’re only letters and numbers) placed on the memory of User’s browser or on User’s device when User visits a website or browse a message. This program helps Company to remember a specific device or browser and help Company to quickly create content that suits User’s personal interests and help make the service and platform more convenient and beneficial to User.

Web beacons is small graphic images that may be included in the service or on the platform. This program helps Company to count the number of users who have visited the website so that Company can better understand User’s needs and interests.

No Junk Data, Spam, Spyware, Virus

Spam, Spyware or Virus are not allowed on the platform. Please set and maintain the communication preferences so Company can send User the communication information User needs. User is not allowed or accepted to add other users (Whether users who have purchased products from User) into User’s list of recipients (Regardless of e-mail or mail) unless expressly authorized. User will not send any messages containing junk, spyware or virus information through the platform. If User would like to report a suspicious message to Company, please contact via e-mail specified below.

Changes of Privacy Policy

Company will regularly check the effectiveness of the privacy policy. Company reserves the right to change privacy policies at any time. The changed policy will be announced or published on the platform.

The Rights of Company

User acknowledges and agrees that Company has the right to disclose personal information to legal authorities, regulatory agencies, government sectors, tax agencies, law enforcement agencies, and other related departments or relevant rights owners. If Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the disclosure of User’s personal information is necessary for the performance of duties, liability, management and agreements whether voluntarily or forced for the purpose of cooperating with the orders, investigations and/or requests of the departments under the enforcement of relevant laws, User agrees not to prosecute or take any actions against Company and to waive any claims or other rights against Company that may result from the disclosure of User’s personal information under the above circumstances.

Contact Company

If User would like to withdraw User’s consent to the use of User’s personal information, request to retrieve information and/or personal information, have questions, comments, concerns or request for technical assistance or about cookie, please contact Company (and information controller) via email [].