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User Registration Agreement
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User Registration Agreement

Effective Date: 24/07/2020

This agreement is made between Thisshop’s user and Thai Fintech Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ThaiFintech"). Please read this agreement carefully. After User clicking to accept and register icon, both parties shall be binding by this agreement legally.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

1) The ownership and electronic services operation rights are the rights of Thai Fintech Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ThaiFintech”). All services of this platform shall strictly comply with terms and conditions herein. When you confirm the terms and conditions of the services and complete all the registration process, this Agreement shall forthwith take effect between you and the platform and shall create the official user account thereon.

2) For the purpose of legal compliance, ThaiFintech shall have the right to amend Terms and Conditions herein. The amendment shall take effect when the amendment is announced on the platform. You shall check announcements, notifications and regulations on the platform in order that you shall forthwith get information. You shall agree that you receive such information. In the event that you do not agree with such amended information, you shall not have the right to execute the services on the platform. In case you wish to continue using the services thereon, you shall agree with the amended Terms and Conditions herein.

2. Service you should concern

1) Thisshop uses the operating system created by ThaiFintech so that the user shall be able to order products online. To use Thisshop, you shall follow this direction as following:

(1) The user shall prepare gadgets to login internet network, including personal telephone, computer, and modem router etc.;

(2) The user shall be liable for internet fee, telephone fee and other relevant service fee; and

(3) The user shall choose the gadgets version matching the gadgets including but not limited to IOS, Android, IPad, Windows Phone and other versions announced;

2) Important things on Thisshop you confirm and accept:

(1) To fill the correct and legitimate information while you are registering. If the registration information has been changed, you shall promptly update such change; and

(2) If your information is not legitimate, you shall be liable for the damage arising ouf of such legitimate information. ThaiFintech shall have the right to terminate your right to use this program.

3. Order receipt

1) To make the purchase orders on Thisshop, you shall have the right to choose the product you would like to buy. If you are under the age of 20 while making the order, your guardian shall be with you. It is understood that you accept the aforegoing terms and conditions and you shall fill correct information completely.

2) Please check the product name, price, number, model code, size, address, telephone number, and recipient information while you are making the purchase order. If the recipient and you are not the same person, any transaction or action arises out of the recipient shall be on behalf of your action. You and the recipient shall be liable for the damage in connection with the laws.

3) You understand and accept that: the information about displayed products and price are the invitation. When you make an order, you shall fill the amount of the product, payment method, the recipient, contact information, and the shipping address. The system shall automatically create the purchase order with the shops made contracts with you. After the seller has received your purchase order, the seller will send the product as specified in the invoice and will notify you delivery date and time (from the date and time that the products are sent from the storage) and when you make many products and the seller already has sent you some ordered products, it is understood that the contract between you and the seller is already made. If there are many ordered products in your order receipt and the seller does not send you all ordered products, you shall notify the seller about such incomplete shipping. If the seller send you the products which are not the products you order, the contract shall be made only after the seller send you the ordered products as specified in the purchase order. The online products such as e-Book, music, topping phone money and other online products, the contract shall be made only after you pay for the ordered products.

4) Despite of the fact that seller has taken the reasonable effort and the market changing and factors causes the uncontrolled event of which Thisshop is unable to provide you the ordered products or the ordered products are out of stock, you shall have the right to terminate the purchase order. In case you already pay for the ordered products, you shall have the right to apply for cash refund.

4. Shipment

1) After you place an order, ThaiFintech will entrust a third-party express company to be responsible for the delivery of the products. When ThaiFintech hand over your purchased-products to express company, the risk is transferred. The express company will check whether the package is complete when receiving the products. Third-party express companies are responsible for possible damage, loss, damage to the deformed packaging caused by squeezing and other damages during the distribution process.

2) Your purchase order shall be sent to the address you filled on Thisshop. The delivery time on the purchase order is only the reference which is calculated from the status of products in the storage, shipment process, date and shipment in normal situation, you shall clearly fill information for delivery, contract person and contract method. You acknowledge and accept that after you fill the recipient information and contract person in connection with your purchase order and you already receive the ordered product, you shall be subject to the risk , provided that there is loss or damage arising out of the recipient or the contract person.

3) If the cases specified below causes the delayed delivery or unable delivery event, Thisshop shall not be liable as follows:

1. Customer(s) informs incorrect shipping address;

2. After the product has been delivered, nobody signs on the product receiving confirmation causing the additional costs or result re-delivery cost;

3. Uncontrollable event such as disaster, traffic jams, war etc.

5. Personal data protection and authorization

1) You acknowledge and agree that for the service using facilitation, Thisshop shall keep your important using data including but not limited to name, gender, date of birth, shipping address, contract method, address book, album, calendar, location and other relevant information. If it is strictly prohibited from ThaiFintech to disclose information to the third party(s) or other people, you are not allowed to disclose such information to the said person(s). Unless there are laws and regulations defining for the special events, ThaiFintech shall professionally keep your information and use the proper measures for user personal data security.

2) You acknowledge and agree that while you are registering an account to use the website, you shall fill correct / true information. ThaiFintech shall execute the relevant laws and inspect the information registered in your telephone number. If it is inspected that it is not correct / true or complete, you shall not be able to use the website or shall be restricted the rights to use the website. If there is damage arising from such action, you shall be liable for such damage.

3) When you use some services on the website, such services may be categorized as divided business regulation (“specified agreement”). You shall read and accept the specified agreement before using the services herein. When you choose the services as specified above, it is agreed that you have already read and accepted the specified agreement.

4) You understand and accept that:

Receiving registration information, purchase order information, and promotional campaign shall be received via e-mail, telephone and other methods

(1) In order to cooperate with the administrative department and justice department, ThaiFintech shall have the right to disclose the information to the aforegoing departments including but not limited to the information you have registered or other relevant usage data evidence including but not limited to certificates and other relevant evidence, etc.

(2) ThaiFintech guarantees the right to know and the right to choose the gadget installation in connection with legal conditions while you are using the website. If there is any process requiring the gadget usage permission, the system shall notify you to confirm the usage. ThaiFintech shall have the right to provide the services including but not limited to location, personal contact data, cameras, call recording etc., so that the function could run effectively.

(3) ThaiFintech shall have the right to determine the period of keeping the information in connection with the actual situations, shall have the right to keep and record the information as the maximum specified period and shall have the right to keep the information in server as maximum under the scope of laws.

6. User’s scope of the usage

1) This agreement is governed by relevant laws and regulations of the country. You accept and agree to strictly comply with the regulations as follows:

(1) You are prohibited to submit, post or publish: provocative content undermining the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand or regulations;

(2) In case you want to send the information to receipt overseas, you shall comply with the regulations of the Kingdom of Thailand;

(3) You are prohibited to use the website for illegal activities such as money laundering, trade secret hacking, personal data hacking and other illegal activities.

(4) You are not to interfere with the operation of Thisshop and threaten Thisshop or the information system of the National Information Technology Agency;

(5) You are prohibited to disclose the illegal information such as intimidation, slander, threatening, sending pornographic content and other illegal information;

(6) You are prohibited to disclose verbal words or speech which is harmful to the public interest or relevant national security;

(7) You are not prohibited to insult other people;

(8) You are prohibited to use the registered account in the website for profit-making businesses; and

(9) You are prohibited to post any content that violates personal information, infringe trademark, copyright, intellectual property and others or the legal rights of others.

2) You shall be liable for your statements and actions on the website. If you publish information having obscene or illegal content, the system may keep the information on the website to be used as evidence in case you violate the laws.

7. Scope of Thisshop usage

1) Login and update on Thisshop

(1) You can login via Thisshop platform and can also login via a third-party platform that ThaiFintech has authorized. If you do not login via the third-party platform which ThaiFintech has authorized, ThaiFintech does not guarantee the normal use of Thisshop. If any loss or damage occurs, ThaiFintech shall not be liable for such damage.

(2) In order to improve user’s experience and service content, ThaiFintech shall constantly improve new services and shall update new services for you.

2) You are prohibited to do the prescribed action below unless you grant the written permission from ThaiFintech as follows;

(1) Delete the information and copy the copyright information on the website;

(2) Hack, collect, hack code or any other methods to search for source code of the website;

(3) Lend, lease, copy, modify, linking, distribute, modifying, post, publish, and create the content owned by Thai Fintech;

(4) Make copies, edit, modify, delete information sent to the computer terminal during the interaction with the customer is on the website or copy, edit, add, delete important system information including but not limited to plug-in website access or any gadgets which ThaiFintech does not allow to reach;

(5) Copy, modify, add, delete, change the website function or system operation or use the said methods for the business purposes and other purposes;

(6) Login on Thisshop by the software of the third-party, plug in, system which is not developed by ThaiFintech for using, posting, and disclosing the said gadgets; and

(7) Authorize other people to arbitrarily disturb or disrupt Thisshop.

8. Agreement Violation

1) If ThaiFintech finds or receives a report that you have violated this Agreement, ThaiFintech shall have the right to remove, block, and ban the account which is considered as violating this Agreement including but not limited to notifications, right limitation or termination of the usage in whole or in part, block or ban the account and announce the managed result.

2) ThaiFintech shall have the right to take the legal action against the law-breakers violating relevant laws and regulations and shall report it to the government departments and the juridical department as defined by laws. You shall be liable for your whole actions.

3) You acknowledge and accept that if your violation or claiming causes damage to the third party to lose, indemnify or paying for the damages, you shall solely liable. In case causes ThaiFintech to be damaged, you shall pay for all damages.

4) ThaiFintech does not endorse or guarantee the website operation including but not limited to information, content, materials, products (including software programs) or services provided on this website (Except as required by Thai law) unless there is a special case specified.

9. Intellectual property rights

1) When you accept this Agreement, it is understood that you the intellectual property rights of any content which you publish on the website. (Including but not limited to assessment content, questionnaire, customer article topics) such as intellectual property (Including but not limited to: right to copy, right to publish, right to disclose, right to lease right to broadcast performance, right to promote, right to disclose online information, right to shoot, right to modify and other rights. The right owner shall have the right to transfer such rights himself.) to ThaiFintech and allow ThaiFintech to have the right to file case against intellectual property rights.

2) This Agreement has been made from Thai intellectual property laws and other laws relating to the written intellectual property, content and works are protected by copyright you post on Thisshop, regardless of whether the content is created prior to this Agreement or after this Agreement has been finalized, taking effect under these regulations.

3) You accept this Agreement and confirm that you shall not strictly disclose or use the on the website (including but not limited to using on Thisshop and other media).

4) It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, falsify, link, collect information or use ThaiFintech content without the prior written permission of ThaiFintech or illegal ; otherwise ThaiFintech shall have the right to take the legal action.

5) Information published on the website (such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, images, audio files, digital downloads, data editing and software) is the property of ThaiFintech or its content provider protected by Thai and international laws. All software on the website is the property of ThaiFintech or its affiliates or its software distributors and is protected by Thai and international copyright laws.

10 User privacy statement


To protect your legal rights, you should read and comply with this statement. Please read and understand the content thoroughly. In particular, the terms regarding the harmless hold or liability reduction of Thisshop installment or the conditions of your rights regarding the harmless hold or liability reduction of Thisshop installment, is in bold text.

You do not have permission to use the service "related to Thisshop installment" unless you have read and understood the conditions thoroughly only. Submission, registration, using, and logging-in will be considered that you have read and accepted these terms.


I understand and accept that ThaiFintech and Thisshop is a provider of Thisshop installment service for me. I apply for this service and accept be assessed my installment accurately and precisely in order to receive more quality services in connection with my relevant information. I agree to authorize the following:

· I agree to authorize without cancellation. ThaiFintech is able to notify the relevant government agencies and organizations (Including but not limited to ThaiFintech and Thisshop website, third-party payment agencies, Bank of Thailand Credit Information Department, lawful credit information agency, tax and civil security agencies, etc.) to check, publish, record, examine, analyze personal information, credit information (including but not limited to personal information, educational information, ,information that is on a mobile phone, call history, car information, driving license information, transaction history information, accounting information, work information, etc.). ThaiFintech will check the information received to assess the eligibility for Thisshop installment service.

· Special agreements for manual inspections

1. I can enter username, password to login to check information on the platform created by Thisshop, including but not limited to my social security, telecommunication, Bank of Thailand’s credit information, etc. I agree to authorize without canceling. ThaiFintech is able to inspect my information.

2. Thisshop will not save my account and password information. Data access will be only once per time. Unless I have only allowed case by case. Otherwise, Thisshop will not log-in to collect my information. Thisshop will inspect my information only when I perform information verification.

3. If any of my operations cause damage and such operation procedures including but not limited to incorrect operations, forgetting password or password leaked, my computer system is threatened by third parties, I asked someone to be the information inspector on my behalf and that person proceeded with malicious intent, resulting in damage etc., ThaiFintech will not be responsible for the damage caused by my own negligence.

4. If the third party steals my password and account or misuses or uses without my permission, I can notify ThaiFintech’s service center to change the password and request ThaiFintech and Thisshop to stop providing services to me. At the same time, I understand that ThaiFintech will process my request and use appropriate management measures. Before this, ThaiFintech and Thisshop website are not responsible for any actions taken by third parties.

5. I agree to authorize without canceling that: I guarantee that the information provided to ThaiFintech and Thisshop is true, complete, accurate, lawful and effective.

6. I agree to authorize without canceling that: ThaiFintech has the right to consider accepting my application or not to consider my Thisshop installment service application. After verifying Thisshop installment service, ThaiFintech has the right to process my information or consider my risk reasonably and can update my Thisshop installment at any time (Including but not limited to, adjust, reduce, add or terminate and cancel).

7. I acknowledge the meaning of the content of [Statement] (especially bold content) that is legally effective and voluntarily give authorization. This [statement] meets my requirement and I will be responsible for all the results according to the law.

11. Amendment of the Agreement

1) ThaiFintech reserves the right to amend the rights and obligations in this agreement relating to User by sending a push on Thisshop. If User does not agree to the amendment of this agreement, User shall make an objection by email or telephone within 2 working days and stop using Thisshop immediately, otherwise it will be considered as acceptance of amendment.

2) Once the amendment has been annouced, the agreement will be effective on the date of amendment. User cannot request to amend or cancel this agreement.

12. Jurisdiction and miscellaneous

1) Conclusion and interpretation, resolution of disputes in this agreement is governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. In the event that a dispute occurs between the agreements related to this agreement, both parties shall negotiate to find mutual resolution. If unable to find a mutual solution, either party may file a law suit to the court located at the signing area of the contract in Thailand.

2) If any of these agreements is revoked for any reason and cannot be processed further, will not affect other conditions of this agreement.

3) Other agreements that not authorize, ThaiFintech reserves the right to oversee. If you wish to do anything other than those specified in the agreement, ThaiFintech shall give written permission. If ThaiFintech not exercising the rights mentioned above, it shall not be considered a waiver of rights.

4) Please read the content in bold, underlined text and others in this agreement in detail. By clicking on "Confirm", you are agreeing to this agreement. Before you click, please read and understand all content thoroughly.